Community Celebration and Acknowledgement — 25% of every project?

Part of what we’ve been exploring since we put forward the NJCDC proposal is Sociocracy or “Dynamic Governance.” This is a very useful system, though unfamiliar to most of us, so I think we’re all finding it a bit awkward in the implementation. For instance, are the sub-circles supposed to be able to make decisions for the …

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Update on Our Initial Organizing Meeting

Roughly 30 people gathered at the Princeton IYCC on Sunday, August 11, 2019 for the initial organizing meeting for the new NJ Cohousing Development Cooperative, moving forward with the proposal and establishing initial Circles or working groups to tackle the key questions of Membership; Finance & Legal; Site Assessment,  Design & Construction; and Organization and Community …

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“Ultimate Members”

I’ve added a plug-in designed to display member profiles called Ultimate Members. Documentation for this plug-in is here. More information on the plug-in functionality is here. If it works, we’ll have an additional way to display user profiles (the main one being creating a post with your information and photo). Here’s an example: